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Birmingham Shines

Mar 31, 2016

Dr. Shelley Stewart, Birmingham businessman, radio legend, philanthropist and pillar of Birmingham, is the guest on episode 38 of Birmingham Shines podcast.

If you’ve been in Birmingham very long you’ve probably heard some of Dr. Stewart’s story. I’ll just say that I was honored to have spent a couple of hours with Dr. Stewart in late March to do this interview.

I’ve heard Dr. Stewart speak on several occasions and have read a good bit of his biography and I feel like he takes us, in this conversation, down some paths in this interview that don’t usually come up in other interviews or when he’s sharing stories from his life at various events around town.

As always, Dr. Stewart offers many gems of life wisdom, truths, if you will. And I didn’t see a single ox in the room.

You can find a couple of blog posts at Birmingham to supplement this audio conversation.

I hope you find inspiration and hope in Dr. Shelley Stewart’s words in this episode of Birmingham Shines.

Thanks to the great folks at o2 Ideas for making this interview happen.